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SCREW COMPRESSORS - ACU - oil injected

HAFI delivers screw compressors for the compression of air (oil injected) up to 13 bar (g).

HAFI screw compressor units - ACU

  • 26 sizes
  • Oil injected
  • Intake volume flow: 0,4 - 53 m/min
  • Power range: 3 - 355 kW
  • Pressure range: up to 13 bar (g)
  • Alternatively air- or water-cooled
  • Ready-to-connect with all required accessory components
  • Mounted on a base frame with acoustic hood in the factory
  • Drive via v-belt up to 250 kW (with autom. belt tensioning)
    after 250 kW direct driven via integrated gear-box
  • Installation on anti-vibration mountings (no special foundations required)


  • Screw compressor units in standard design of the manufacturer
  • Screw compressor aggregates with required accessories conceived according to customer wish

Fields of application

AERZENER screw compressors of type ACU are used for the conveying and compression of air:

  • Compressed air stations for operational pneumatic systems
  • Compressed air for pneumatic tools
  • Compressed air for blowing out/off
  • Pneumatic filter cleaning
  • Pneumatic impulse conveying
  • ...

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