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HAFI delivers compressors, rotary piston blowers and equipment for the conveying and compression of almost all gases arising in the industry.

Screw compressors type VMY

oil injected, for all technical gases
max. 25 bar(a)
up to 7.000 m/h

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Screw compressor type VRO/VRa

oil-free, single- and multi-stage
up to approx. 25 bar(a)
up to 60.000 m/h

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Rotary piston blowers type GR / GQ

for all technical gases
up to 1 bar(g)
up to 80.000 m/h

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Piston compressors

for all technical gases
up to 500 bar(g)
up to 280 m/h

Process automation

Control units for automation and optimization of processes in process engineering control units. Control units in microprocessor technique.

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