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The HAFI enterprises are part of an Austrian and Liechtenstein group which business activities concentrate mainly on Central and East European states (CEECs), i.e. Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Baltic States, Ukraine and the other GUS states, as well as Arabic and Mediterranean adjoining states.
The sales network of HAFI is supported by HAFI's own branches and sales partnerships in each of the mentioned countries as well as by a close co-operation with excellent local specialists. Altogether, HAFI disposes of around 200 staff members.

HAFI is active in the following lines of business:
  • Sale of machines and plants ready to be installed
  • After sales service and repair with an appropriate program of spares
  • Engineering with comprehensive problem and system solutions
Since 1986, HAFI has been building up a direct sales network in Central and Eastern Europe, and during this time HAFI has developed from a pure product seller into a
  • reliable consulting and service partner and
  • supplier of complete solutions for processing stages and systems
HAFI's performances rely upon high-quality products and services of the following application technologies and product groups:
  • Compressed air technology
  • Vacuum technology
  • Process gas technology
  • Driving technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Refrigeration technology
  • Conveying technology
  • Service
Within these lines, HAFI is the sales partner of some of the most noted medium-sized special machine constructors. For the companies AERZEN and AQUACONSULT HAFI is the exclusive sales organisation for the Central and East European States (CEECs).

Only by concentrating the products of different manufacturers into a carefully tuned product-mix, the so-called system solution, customers in Central and East Europe can receive the services which comply exactly with their requirements. Nearness to the customer is the first priority in the HAFI philosophy.

Besides these activities, HAFI co-operates closely with specialized local and foreign planning and engineering offices in order to supply his customers continuously with the best possible answers of the latest state of art. The local resources of each country are used as far as possible. This means for the customer the best possible technical solution according to the international standard and to a low cost.

In the interest of a quick availability of spares and qualified mechanics for the regular initiation, maintenance and repair work, HAFI disposes moreover of an own service organization in each of the Central and East European countries. The one of Russia is actually in stage of development. This ensures the best possible after sales service our customers can ever receive.

The references of HAFI resp. of our suppliers in Central and East Europe speak for themselves. For the company Aerzener Maschinenfabrik (AM) and HAFI Industries, HAFI is engaged in the regular service work on more than 3.500 compressors and blowers in Central and East Europe. Altogether there are more than 5.000 aggregates from AM and HAFI Industries installed in Central and East Europe.
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