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HAFI delivers screw compressors for the oil-free conveying and compression of almost all gases.

Process gas screw compressor units - VRO/VRa

  • 12 sizes
  • Screw compressor stage, brand AERZENER
  • Oil-free compression; dry or with liquid injection
  • Intake volume flow: 550 - approx. 60.000 m/h
  • Operating over pressure: up to 3,5 bar (single-stage);
    up to approx. 25 bar (multi-stage)
  • Oil-, inter- and after cooler water-cooled, alternatively air-cooled
  • Incl. all required accessory components
  • Drive direct or via additional gear-box
  • Housing in grey cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel execution
  • Shaft seal at compression chamber via carbon-labyrinth seals (gas- or water-sealed),
    single- or double-acting slide ring sealing (oil- resp. gas-sealed)
  • Driving shaft seal via peak type-, radial- or double-acting slide ring sealing (oil-sealed)
  • Explosion proof execution possible



Screw compressor aggregates and large-scale plants with required accessories conceived according to customer wish

Fields of application

Process gas screw compressors of type VRO/VRa are used for the conveying and compression of almost all gases in the industry such as acetylene, butadiene, chlorine gas, HCL-gas, natural gas, helium, argon, lime-kiln gas, coke oven gas, hydrogen, methane, propane, hydrogen gas mixtures, nitrogen, SO2-gas, NO-gas, VC-gas. Compression of badly contaminated gases or of strongly polymerising gases can be handled with liquid injection.
Fields of application are:
  • Chemical works
  • Refineries
  • Coking plants
  • Soda manufacturing plants
  • Steel making plants
  • ...

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